Day 24: T-77 days

These song for today: Céline Dion – That’s The Way It Is

That no-exercise day? Forget it. I pulled on a pair of running shoes, soft-sided sneakers, and hit the treadmill. It only took a righteous nudge from my brother around 9 PM, and I was already feeling antsy. Can’t take time off on the AT every time I get a blister after all.

Things done today off the massive to-do list:

  • Finished the church list
  • Bought some necessary clothing

I think I’m thinner. It’s hard to tell, the scale hasn’t moved that much, if at all, but I think I am. It would be strange if I am not. Also dealing with a (small, I pray!!!) kidneystone, despite the fact my water consumption has at least doubled.

Today is a *planned* rest day. Tomorrow, the pack weight increases from 10 to 15 lbs, and I switch from the dayhiker pack to the real thing, the full backpack. The grades also increase from 5%/10% to 7%/12%. This should be interesting…

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