Day 25: T-76 days

Annnnd last night saw me sleepless at 1AM, logisticizing! I really couldn’t turn my brain off enough to get to sleep, so I started plotting the first week out. They strongly advise you to walk no more than 8-10 miles a day for the first week or two, at least, no matter how much preconditioning you have done. So I will start in Harpers Ferry on a Monday, and walk to Blue Ridge Summit, PA, about 44 miles away, arriving on Saturday in time to restock food supplies and go to Mass at 4:3o. There’s a shelter only two miles or so further on, to go to after Mass finishes. 🙂 I also plotted out where I will stay each night between.

That is the plan. But I’ve been on enough trips to know it’s written in sand, not stone. It does help to have a general idea though!

And now, trail reflections today: Regarding “maildrops” – having boxes of useful things (food, warm gear, etc) pre-mailed to a series of post offices and trail hostels ahead of time, to be waiting when you come through and pick them up. I thought about it, but I think I’ll opt for a “bounce box” instead – one box that I keep refilling myself, and sending ahead of me. I don’t want to try to juggle post office schedules and trail schedules around for multiple boxes. I will pack a box in March and send it to either Harpers Ferry or Blue Ridge Summit in PA – they will hold packages for a month or so.

Tonight’s bout on the treadmill will feature a 13 lb bowling ball nestled into a bed of tent rainfly. Total weight, with the pack weight added: 17.5 lbs. I might not do the grade increase. Well, not completely.
I was going to go to Bass Pro tonight, but the weather says no.

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