Day 26: T-75 days

1/4 of the time has disappeared!

Well, yesterday felt like I was walking with a bowling ball on my back.
Oh, wait. I was.
When I weighed 17 lbs more (which I do not miss), the weight was a lot easier to bear. Never noticed it. But 17 lbs on the back can get increasingly heavy. 🙂 I kept to the 5%/10% 5 minutes intervals, followed by a 3 min cool down, will try to switch it up soon, but doing it in 5 minute chunks seems to work for keeping it from being mind-numbingly boring. Just somewhat boring! 🙂

Today, I was carrying a full load of discouragement and doubt, and it felt heavier than the pack. Fortunately, I’m mostly over it now. God will either let me do the walk… or I’m not meant to. But I’m for sure going to make a good crack at it! Another kidneystone, but a friend recommended magnesium. It has helped him – I will try it out.

I am sending all three pairs of boots/trail runners back, actually; the pair I liked the most are too narrow, now that I assess more objectively. Feet tend to flatten and get bigger on trail, and cramped feet lead to sweating and blisters. I think I’ll end up going to Bass Pro or Cabelas and selecting a pair in the store instead. Also a pack cover, pepper spray, stuff bags, and a few other things. Oddly, backpacks are not waterproof.


I cannot wait to get on the trail. If I could start in March, I would, but it’s not practical. Starting from Harper’s Ferry, I could even start toward the end of April, instead of the beginning, and I have not completely ruled that out either. My train tickets are adjustable, I made sure of that. But… I’d rather not. We’ll see…

Ciao for tonight!

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