Day 36: T-65 days

Verdict’s in… it was sensible.The feet were very grateful, and had feeling for tonight’s workout. I wore my running shoes instead of the boots as well – Bass Pro in the future. An added bonus – the brother came to exercise with me, and we talked a lot about this and that, his trip to Vermont, etc, it made it go a lot faster! My usual treadmill was a bit cranky, so I tried out the elliptical a bit before the usual workout. I think it tightened my hamstrings to a near unbearable point at times. Ow. I toughed my way through it though.

The pack cover arrived today, the mess kit yesterday. I haven’t tried either out, but I have a feeling another shakedown trip will be in early/mid March, weather permitting. By then I should have all my gear, and stronger legs as well.

The medical bills started arriving today as well. These were just as expected, but vastly less welcome. The biggest one is now behind me though. Yay?

S’all for now! Ciao!

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