Day 38: T-63 days

Life broke in again this weekend and demanded that I pay attention to other things. Yesterday, the debate, today, the annual Bout of Cooking for the Superbowl (BCS). Also battling (successfully, I do believe) a kidneystone. Tomorrow I will be back on track, with the pack weight increasing another five pounds. Time to swap the weights!

Things are looking good. Sometimes, you get too caught up in the minute details and forget about the big picture. Back in November, I took on one outside responsibility too many, and it was making me increasingly cranky as the months wore on, and time got shorter to do a task that depended on the progress of others – and no progress was being made. I’m pretty much free of that now, thank God.:) I can step back from it.

February 8, March 8, April 8. It’s coming. I just have to be ready for it – I have this long list of to-do, but never assigned specific “do this by” dates to it. It’s coming down to the point where I need to, to make sure it all gets done properly, when it needs to be. I try to be methodical, but you *always* forget something.

Boot-breaking in begins tomorrow. FINALLY.


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