Day 39: T – 62 days

Pack weight tonight: 27 lbs! I’m getting there! Next week, I push it up to 32, and it stays there… then I start distance training.

Video of the night: Saving Mr, Banks video clip
Every time I hit a 10% grade stretch, the song “Let’s Go Fly a Kite” started playing in my head. I blame my brother; he was watching “Saving Mr. Banks” earlier.  And when I wasn’t thinking about that, I was envisioning myself as a trigonometry problem:

Betsy is wearing a 27lb pack. Calculate the angle between the pack and her back when she is walking at a 10% incline. At a 5% incline. At 0%. For extra credit, predict how long until she falls over, and explain your reasoning.

My (cotton) shirt was soaked. But I think by March, if my stomach keeps flattening the way it has been ( 🙂 ) , I’ll be able to fit into the hiking clothes again. And I cannot wait to switch to the new boots, once they are broken in – by next week, I think. Hiking boots don’t exactly match the ideal dress code at work, but I’m figuring I can sneak them by on account of winter.

Seldom has a beer tasted so good.


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