Day 42: T-59 days

Ah. It appears I have reached the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. What was the question again?

Today’s song of the night is Mountains, by Lonestar.

A late workout tonight – I didn’t get underway until 9:30 pm – I was playing cards with the dad, and waiting for a larger than usual dinner to settle. It was a lot easier with a soundtrack – I brought along the tablet loaded with exercise music; it put a spring in my step.

Four more days until the next stage of things – come February 15, logistics will again take a front seat next to exercise, as I start settling all the legal/business/bill related things that need to be in order before I go. Finances are looking good. There is a lot to get done, and it’s like an onion – the deeper you go, the more there is – well, okay, that’s not exactly the way an onion works, but anyway…

I also have to sit down and work out the timeschedule for increasing the distance, so I don’t kill myself. It can’t all be 10% grades!


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