Day 43: T-58 days.

I am feeling very limp tonight; it’s been a long week! With a three day weekend coming up, I will take a mini-vacation Sunday and Monday. It was an impulse, but it feels so right, to take a break, even for two days. 🙂 even on the days I haven’t exercised, I was fretting over this or that about the trail. A break will be good, because after Monday, things shift into even higher gear.

Thinking it over further – one of the things I want to get over is my over-abundance of guilt and self-blame when I fail to do things exactly the way I planned them to go. Even this ‘working myself into shape’ phase is helping with that… If I miss a day here or there, I’m teaching myself that it’s okay, no one will take me to task for it, and I don’t need to beat myself up because no one else is. Painfully slow, I can be a drama queen, but I am learning.

I will still exercise tonight and tomorrow, of course.

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One thought on “Day 43: T-58 days.

  1. Marc

    Good girl. We need to grow up like this. So much out there beating us down that after a while we help beat ourselves down.


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