Day 54: T-47 days

Well, friends, Romans, countrymen/women… we have reached max weight. Yes, indeed. With the adding of another 5lb weight to the backpack, we have reached 32lbs. And there it will stay for most of March. You wouldn’t think that 5 extra lbs would matter so much, but my feet and knees made me very well aware /they/ felt the difference – Dad and I took a mile or so trial walk around the neighborhood.

This week is all about getting used to walking with that weight. Next week, according to the schedule, comes the increasing distances. But I’ll have to find a softer place than sidewalks – luckily, I have a few options in mind. The last thing I need is to have shin splints.

My last day at work was tentatively scheduled for April 8, the day before I head east. But more and more, I’ve been thinking, and I might change it to April 1 instead. Besides being marvelously appropriate, April Fools Day and all that, I really think I’ll need those extra 8 hours a day to do the frantic last minute preps that are always required. I have until March 1 to decide, I want to give them a month’s official notice – though they already know I’m leaving. (And I cannot WAIT.)


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