Day 55: T-46 Days

Gets easier… Carrying 32lbs, I mean. An extra loop around the park added in today. Tomorrow, another loop; gradually working up to the two miles by the end of this week. Then, gradually working up to three miles by the end of next week. And so on.

It really does feel good to be off the treadmill. Tom and I mean to do another six-miler, or more, this Sunday; by then the new boots should be here, and in need of breaking in. Supposed to be nice weather this weekend.

I’m feeling the time beginning to press in on me. There is still a lot of big things on the to-do list. And a lot of gear I need to get familiar with, or familiar with packing. Weights are easy to slip into a backpack, but making all the gear fit will be another story. The bulkiest item is the sleeping bag, followed by the tent.

Food for a few days. Water containers. Sleeping bag. Sleeping pad. Tent. First aid kit. Stove. Mess kit. Clothing. Camp shoes (crocs). Water filter. Smartphone (serves as camera, phone, GPS, voice recorder, electronic journal, and e-reader). Pepper spray. Fuel canister. Sunscreen. Bug spray. 50 ft. nylon cord. Stuff bags. Pack cover. Headlamp. Multi tool. Empty ziplocs. Sunhat. Water purification drops. Hiking poles. Soap & towel. Gaiters. Maps. Duct tape.

And so on. And on. And on.

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One thought on “Day 55: T-46 Days

  1. Huntnhawg

    Don’t know if you’ve come a cross Seven yet or not. Thought you might find this video interesting.


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