Day 61: T-40 days

Tonight’s theme song: St. Elmo’s Fire

One month! Only one more month until April 1, my last day at work!!! And, given the kind of workday I had today, I am so, SO eager for that day to come…

If Romney had binders full of women, I have BAGGIES FULL OF OATMEAL! Well, half-full. 1/2 cup oatmeal, 2 packets Splenda, Mexican cocoa, cinnamon, sliced almonds, and 4-5 dried apple slices. I ran out of almonds, and the powdered milk I have has passed the expiration date, so I have to buy more of each. I didn’t get very far today, but still, the start was made.

I took the pack for a good walk earlier. It was chilly, so I used the parka instead of the windbreaker, but a good walk. 🙂 With hills. I love the Keen boots – zero break-in time, and well-cushioned!

Now, some webwork, and I really have to quit procrastinating and get that student loan form filled out and faxed over. I have to make a doctor’s appointment. I have to … um, do a lot of stuff. Time’s getting short – I’ve reached the thirties in the countdown!

Cina. My new great-niece’s name is Cina and she is a cute little package!


Edit –  oops, a little overeager. Day 40, not day 39. Right.

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2 thoughts on “Day 61: T-40 days

  1. Knowschad

    Yup… I’ve settled on Keens, too. On my 2nd pair now. Good choice.

    As far as those knees go… all of your exercise has been lateral movement. There are muscles that need to be kept in balance with those that do not get a good workout with walking. When they get off balance, the kneecap can shift and cause the joint to not ride in the groove that is there for that. I am in physical therapy for that right now. Probably not enough time now, but look up “patellar tracking disorder” and print out a couple of stretches and exercises before you head out, just in case.


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