Day 62: T-39 days

Okay NOW I am in the the thirties and counting down. This is good.

I decided to hang out after work with some coworkers at a sort of symposium thingie that was sort of related to tools used at work… but free drinks and munchies! Two rum and diet cokes and some BBQ wings later, me and the two retired military coworkers were debating the merits of Merrell boots vs Keen boots, and the life expectancy of each on the trail. I’m hopeless. I’m a terminal case.

Dishes, web work, some flopping around… my new headlight arrived today, and proved that it is indeed much brighter than my previous one, by nearly burning the sight out of my retinas when I turned it on at a bad angle. More sliced almonds also arrived today, but I haven’t filled any more oatmeal baggies yet.

I really need some free time. And chocolate. Fortunately, I can have chocolate. Why do we have to sleep? I really think I could get so much more done if I didn’t have to sleep. Someone invent something.

Um, can’t think of much else right now, so…

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