Day 69: T-32 Days

Hey, if anyone knows my pet’s name, please let me know… I can’t register for automatic bill pay on the electricity bill without that vital information. Two clues: A) I don’t have a pet. and B) It’s not Rumplestiltskin.

In other news though, two boxes of books have been packed and taped, there are still piles of books lurking on my bed, and I was able to sign up for some of the automatic bill pays, so that is good. Also, I have a blueberry beer.

I am still toying with the idea of opening a second checking account at another bank with many branches along the trail corridor, and deposit the money I’ve allocated solely for the hike. That way, it’ll be a lot easier to keep track of how much I’ve spent, adjust accordingly, and know if I’m about to run out of funds. (The last I intend to avoid.) I probably will do that, I just have to decide which bank.

There is so much I have to pack and transfer over yet. I have to finish cleaning out the closet and get the stuff over to Goodwill.

Beer’s gone… signing off.

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