Day 70: T-31 days

A tired night tonight. I walked some; I packed up more of the closet. The bookcases are all but empty. There are things I meant to do today, but forgot; there are things I did today and meant to record, but I forgot what they were. I’m detecting issues with my brain’s RAM. Some web work.

One box, many boxi. I have boxi that need to be moved to the garage. I really should do that. I have a feeling this will be another jam-packed weekend coming up.

Oh, right, that was it. An appt. for a full physical is set for Monday. I’ll use the opportunity to figure out how to refill prescriptions along the trail, along with other things. This is chalked up as one of the “I don’t like it, but I’ll do it” type of things…

Ciao and good night!


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