Day 71: T-30 days

Double milestone today! 30 days out, and 2 weeks until my last day at work.

I celebrated by… cleaning the bathroom? Well, okay. And filling 18 baggies with oatmeal, sliced almonds, dried apples, dried cranberries, and spices, getting in a political debate online, semi-finishing up the website that was a wedding gift to an old friend, and a shot of double-chocolate vodka. So much yet to do. This weekend will be busy.

Happy birthday, Pat!

Genealogy work this weekend, packing, purchase and testing of gear. I need to make some phone calls to cancel long-standing obligations. I need to buy brats for an office cookout, look into getting a trip account like I discussed yesterday, pay off the rest of the medical bills. Walk (didn’t today, my knee was complaining. A close friend recommended something for that, I may need to look into it.) Try to get more food dehydrating. I still want to buy some Mongolian Grill food and see how it dehydrates. Next weekend, I may do another shakedown camping trip, it should be less muddy this time!

I still need to organize my gear, and see how everything fits in the backpack – still carrying those barbell weights. And get the bounce box ready. And mailed out.

Yes, you could say I’m keeping busy. I can’t wait to be on the trail.


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