Day 72: T-29 days

Oh, dear. Hi, everyone! My visit count today multiplied by five. I guess I’m going to have to NOT watch what I say even more. 😉

I knew today would be a busy day, and it was; it’s not over yet. It started off with a great breakfast and visiting with people I’ve not seen in a while (mea culpa there). Then…

  • I glopped unsweetened applesauce onto a parchment sheet and set it to dehydrating… eight hours later, my own fruit rollup/fruit leather peeled very nicely off the paper, and was sampled, rolled up, and bagged. Very tasty! And very easy and inexpensive! I will definitely be making a lot more of that – I only used one tray, but I have six or seven.
  • I paid off more medical bills. Story of our lives.
  • With the web-work project mostly done, I got a few hours in on the genealogy project. Progress is good, should be able to complete before April.
  • NOT weather for walking, misty, then drizzling, then raining, now damp and cool. Gives my knee a bit of a break.
  • Probably will end up moving boxi out to the garage tonight though. I remember when my room had a floor. I’d like to see it again.
  • Visited Wells Fargo – but for the forgetting of a debit card, I’d have a second, “trip-only” checking account set up right now. I’ll have to go back to do that Monday.
  • And finally, /finally/ remembered to contact the Eucharistic Adoration coordinator to let her know she’d need to find a replacement for me; I meant to do that a week ago. My memory is like Swiss cheese. Or Havarti. Havarti has tinier holes.
  • I was going to swing by Just Good Meats to pick up twenty million brats for an office cookout, but since the place is right on the way to a geocaching event I mean to go to on Monday, I’ll do it then. I can have my Pi and brat, too!

Oh, yeah, and someone online called me a moon god worshipper, which totally made my night. I’m still chuckling over that one. 🙂

Until tomorrow, ciao!

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