Day 81: T-20 days

Twenty sandwich baggies of GORP dutifully filled with four handfuls in each. 20 days of snacks.:) The more I can do on this end, now, the less I have to do and/or buy later! I still need to make jerky, that is such a messy business. More fruit leather, too. The problem with my dehydrator is that the round, circular trays are too big for the sink, it makes cleaning them a pain in the neck. Using parchment paper at least cuts down on the mess.

Bear jokes abound at work. Courtesy of a LEGO-fan coworker, there are two LEGO buses at work, with little LEGO figures representing each of us. We take turns throwing each other under the bus. Anyway…. I bought a little hiker Lego from ebay, complete with walking stick. Now, I am told, a Lego bear will be brought in as soon as she can find it. Hmph. I get NO respect!

Oh, and I seriously mis-milestoned about a week ago, and claimed two weeks out when it was really three. But now, it really is less than two, at work, I mean. I am filling out my last timesheet. *wipes an imaginary tear away* There is an allcall on Wednesday, which will include a “hail and farewell”, I expect they’ll farewell me then.

Low blood sugar, and a scheduled dinner at Brother Sebastian’s Steakhouse to celebrate my brother’s new job – I’m not the only one leaving my job on April 1! 🙂 So…


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