Day 82: T-19 days

Just back from a short walk (~1 mile) with the Dad. I haven’t been getting out walking near as much as I meant/should have, and I suspect I’ll pay for it later. But I remember when I walked a half-marathon – just the actual fact of doing something you’ve trained a long time for can be a tremendous boost in itself.

Anyway, I cut it short because the gear in the pack is badly arranged. Digging way too much into my back and making it curve too much. I need to work on how to arrange it better. But these things are important to find out in advance! Besides, it’s looking like rain out there.

Some packing done; some boxes moved out to the garage. I mean to get the genealogy project done tonight if possible, the webwork project is as complete as I am going to do before I leave.

My little hiker Lego at work is now riding a little Lego BEAR. Like a horse, until my co-workers put him on his hind legs, then it becomes a bear rodeo… I have some crazy coworkers. And it’s becoming increasingly hard to keep my mind on work anyway. A week and a half left.

Well, gumbo awaits, so….


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