Day 89: T-12 days

*looks left nervously*
*looks right nervously*
I … I think that canister of bear spray is actually a mutant. I think it mutated from a poor, harmless little keychain Mace container. I think it’s plotting to TAKE OVER THE WORLD. (Or at least my backpack.) I will sleep with one eye open tonight, I will indeed.

The room’s reacquired more floor again. I dutifully boxed up and carried out. Some of the stuff actually made it to the garage. The rest of it is squatting in the living room, and, I suspect, roasting s’mores over a plastic trash can fire and plotting with the bear spray. Is is possible to sleep with TWO eyes open? Gandalf did it in the movies…

Filled out and emailed off some out-processing paperwork I had nearly forgotten about. My co-workers are taking me out to lunch tomorrow – Peacekeeper Lanes on base makes a killer spaghetti on Wednesdays. Oh, and if anyone reading this wants to join me, I’ll be hanging out at DJ’s Dugout in Bellevue Friday at 4:30, celebrating after I finish outprocessing. 🙂

Somehow I got a wicked nasty scratch on my neck. I’m not sure how I did it, but it’s pretty painful! I’m kinda glad I got a tetanus shot recently!

Something just snickered evilly out in the living room. Maybe sleeping with three eyes open would help?


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