Day 90: T-11 days

Friends! I have been mightily chocolated! Courtesy of the coworkers. 🙂 Also, some anonymous soul left a bag on my chair with a new mini-lantern and a much needed stuff sack, I keep running out of those! But I don’t even know who to thank!

Trail tasks: assembling a small first-aid kit to take along, ordering a few more needed things, gear assembly and reordering (of course). More boxing and carting. A fair amount of sneezing.

I paid off a sizeable bill today; I still need to set up some auto-payments. A week and a half left now. Oi. Tomorrow the bro, the dad, and I ESCAPE THE ROOM… I hope! 🙂 Bit of fun. Drinks Friday with what will be my ex-coworkers… all here are still invited as well. Breakfast on Saturday with still more friends. My social calendar has exploded the closer in I get! But I still mean to do a mini-shakedown if I can.


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