Day 92: T-9 days

It’s the final countdown!

I don’t think that mini-shakedown trip is going to happen, unfortunately. There’s too much to get done! I will, however, need to do another shopping trip all the same, once I figure out what I need to buy. Or I might just wait and pick it up at the outfitters in Harper’s Ferry. That’s starting to look like an attractive option.

Not much done hike-wise today, but leaving the job was quite an emotional jolt. And – well, kinda tired. Between that and dropping into the single digits on the countdown… yeah, that sense of urgency is coming up strong now. I figure that I will finish packing up my closet tonight. I no longer need work outfits, so I can finish that task off now.

My co-workers entertained all today by playing appropriate songs at loud volume at random points during the day. I was greeted by “Safety Dance” as I walked in, and serenaded out by “Taps”, followed by “Everything is Awesome”, the unofficial team song. I spent a lot of the day doubled over laughing. And, okay, the eyes leaked, but I think that is natural.

Ciao for now!

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One thought on “Day 92: T-9 days

  1. cathystephens60

    You have sweet co-workers! I like them and don’t know them! 🙂



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