Day 93: T-8 days

I knew it would be busy. I was right. 🙂

So far today, in no particular order…

  • Added the powdered milk to all the oatmeal baggies
  • Had a nice breakfast with friends. (Side note, with all the food I’ve been eating, with meeting with friends all over place, I won’t be walking the AT, I’ll be rolling it!!!)
  • Began dividing up the food I’ve gotten ready into ‘pack into the bounce box’ and ‘put in the food bag’
  • Walked over to the Chinese restaurant with Mongolian grill, and bought $11 worth of takeout, enough for four meals
  • Started dehydrating two of the four portions of Chinese food – a noodle/seafood mix. The teriyaki and lo mein I will do later
  • Finished packing up the closet, and ran the rest of the work clothes through the wash to pack them as well
  • Seriously considering heading over to Baker’s to start stocking up on dinner options: breakfasts and snacks are pretty well covered. For a while. Also Crystal Lite drink mixes

Brief relaxation time. The Terminator just swore he will not kill anyone. That’s good to know.

There’s still a lot of time left in the day. I’m hungry.


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