Day 94: T-7 days

Up at 8 am, all restlessness, and the dehydrator is loaded and going by 8:15 am. I’m starting to lose faith in the whole “dehydrate cooked meals” concept, but I’m giving it another try with a shrimp/rice dish. It seems to work best with things like beef jerky, fruit leather, that sort of thing. Maybe I’m just not getting the hang of it. Perhaps a lot of veggie chips.

I am devising my menu for the first week now, and very shortly will go over to Hyvee to pick up food items, and the meat I need for the jerky. I’ll get it marinating while this other section is going, then dehydrate it overnight. Mass at 11:30, then a final inventory of pack contents for missing items, I just realized yesterday that I still haven’t heard back about my student loan issue, so I will have to call them Monday. Bother it all.

And then, of course, packing. There is always packing.

I won’t say Ciao, because I have a feeling I’ll post again later today. I’m restless as anything!

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2 thoughts on “Day 94: T-7 days

  1. It’s probably too late because I don’t think that the Omaha Public Library would have it, but this is the book my sister dehydrated recipes from:


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