Day 94: T-7 days part 2

Five days of food...

Five days of food… A little visual aid this time. 

I walked over to Bakers to do some shopping, completely flesh out the menu, and switch things up to keep it interesting. $22 for 5 days, not a bad amount. I have not weighed it all yet… but it can’t weigh /that/ much. Those are mint Oreos near the back. I had to eat three. They had become broken and unruly, it was terrible, they had to be punished.

Speaking of unruly, I gave up and threw out the Chinese food I had dehydrated. It was a failed experiment. The lo mein became my lunch, and my stomach tells me that the teriyaki will be my dinner. I know I keep talking about making beef jerky, and not doing it, but I shall, and on that day, there will be much rejoicing!

NOW I will say Ciao!

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