Day 95: T-6 days

People, I am so TIRED of Chinese food! I never want to Chinese again!

Fortunately, eggs Benedict is far from that cooking style, and that is what I enjoyed today in the company of two great friends. 🙂 We Village-Inned, and talked for two hours!

I have good timing. Enough said!

This afternoon was all Cabela’s and Hyvee… I bought, in no particular order, merino wool pants (half price!), a merino shirt, a lightweight knife/fork set, Imodium, a waterproof sack that will serve as my food bag, a lot of strawberry applesauce and raspberry applesauce to make fruit leather from, a microfiber towel, trial size Gold Bond powder and toothpaste, and instant coffee packets. I was going to buy another pair of pants that would fit over the base layer merino pants, but I balked at the $85 price tag. I’ll figure it out. I think tomorrow will see the Final Assembly Of The Pack.

Okay, reality slapped me in the face when I went to actually buy the 5lbs of top round for jerky. At $5.99 a pound, that’s $35. Plus, I’d have to slice it myself. Too pricey, too much work for the remaining time left. There will be no jerky rejoicing, but I can live with that. I weighed the food yesterday after I took the picture – 6 lbs. Add another 4 for water, I’m looking at about 27-28 lbs total. Not bad!

Okay, enough for tonight – ciao!


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