Extra ramble because…

… I’m sick, I can’t sleep, and I never did explain why ‘Ziptie’.

Don’t blame me. Blame a certain group of Nebraska geocachers who regularly attend the annual geocache picnic/camping trip in Kearney… and who exist to torment me!

There was the one year I was out caching, and came back… I could not get into my tent. Ziptied!

There was the one year the Dad and I decided to motel-camp in town, but left our chairs out for the cobbler feast that night. We were out walking and came back… The chairs were all clustered by a tree. Ziptied!

The NEXT year, nothing happened. Perhaps it was due to my brand-new kitchen scissor necklace. I also appointed a BIG bodyguard from foreign states to help keep guard.

I will not be at the picnic this year. They will think of me. I know it.

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2 thoughts on “Extra ramble because…

  1. Neva Pruess

    It wasn’t as bad as I thought.. I think I heard they ziptied you INTO your tent.
    What sort of surprise goodies would be welcome when you collect a bounce box? I would want chocolate but I’m not sure how well it works on the trail.


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