Day 98: T-3 days

Tomorrow is going to be absolutely crazy. Today was… Well, I got some errands done in the morning, but I relied heavily on the bro and the dad to get some crucial things done, like refilling prescriptions and mailing off the bounce box. Which was pricier than I thought. OUCH!

While we are on the subject of the bounce box… What the heck is wrong with tape these days??? I had to truss the bloody box up like a turkey, and even then, Tom and I weren’t sure it’d stay sealed, so he double-trussed it with another kind of tape. We’ve tried multiple brands and types with the same result – this, I’m pretty sure, is not on us – I know how to deal a box! So what’s the deal?

Anyway, the rest of the day, not much energy; resting, getting over the last of it. Tomorrow, like I said, crazy, trying to cram two days work into one. At least the blasted box is gone, but naturally, I realized stuff didn’t get into it that should have – after I sealed it. That is always the way.

Repacking of backpack is in order as well. Maybe I can do it better. My train’s a-coming…


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