Day 100: T-1 days…

THE pack, THE cold, and THE Betsy are sitting around chilling (literally) in the first class lounge in the Windy City… At least they have a lit fireplace here, it’s cold!

I have never been in Chicago before. It appears to be a large city. With an underground. And luggage lockers.

A few notes about the train trip:

  • Just past Osceola, IA is a rotten place to remember the hiking poles are still leaning against the door by the show rack!
  • There was a voice whispering over the intercom about ice cold beer – four times. I feel subliminalized!
  • In another burst of inspiration, I realized my maps also failed to catch the train
  • At least the backpack made it. I think. I know the cold did!
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3 thoughts on “Day 100: T-1 days…

  1. So exciting! Have fun! Your fam will send you the hiking poles, right? My sister got a pair out of a hiker box but they are now falling apart…


  2. Neva Pruess

    Hope the maps and poles catch up with you!!!! Both are important.


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