Day 0

This was supposed to be a triumphant entry! But the fact I am awake at 2 am, waiting for the latest dose of antihistamines to kick in speaks volumes… Note to Cath, it didn’t worsen until Friday night, and by then Urgent Care Was closed.

In retrospect, I probably should have postponed a few days and recuperated at home, but I truly thought it was just a cold (which it might yet be), and I was hyperfocused on getting going! Too singleminded. Fortunately, my insurance is good through April.

When I hit Harper’s Ferry, I will find an Urgent Care, there’s one that is open on Sundays. If I have to spend a few days here, well, I can do that, it’s a very historic town, lots to see. Friends, the hike will go on! Never doubt that! This is just a minor setback. For the kind of flipflop hike I am doing, early April is actually early to start, so I have some leeway.

Please keep pouring prayers my way! They are much needed right now! I will try to sleep again soon… I have some Dayquil I can take later.


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