Hiatus Day 1

It was/is an upper respiratory virus, apparently. I have some steroids (should help me breathe, plus, stronger muscles! Yeah!), an inhaler, and medication to kill this cough that is killing my throat.

So… My older sister from Beltsville, MD was kind enough to come collect me until I get some better, I will head back to WV on Friday. My three nieces promptly braided my hair. I feel like I have been accepted into the tribe!

I did do some wandering around Harper’s Ferry before she arrived – the hill to climb from the Amtrak station to the AT Center is murder, particularly when you are sick. I chatted with a former thru hiker at the outfitter shop, who had had to postpone his hike because of the flu, so I felt consoled.

Also…  Apparently Harper’s Ferry is hosting a Flip Flop Festival this weekend for hikers like me, starting in the middle. I don’t want to miss that – plus it means that I won’t be the only one setting off this weekend, not by a long shot. Mixed feelings about that, but it’ll reassure some of you. 🙂 So that is good.

Turning in now… Exhausted!


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2 thoughts on “Hiatus Day 1

  1. Neva Pruess

    So glad you have a diagnosis and stuff to make it better. Facebook posts from those who have them say this is National Siblings day so cheers for your big sister.


  2. Marilyn Rowan

    So glad you decided to take a few days to restand recoperate. You will enjoy your experience so much more, and we won’t have to worry so much about you!:)


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