Hiatus Day 2

So far, a lot of resting; some sleeping; a fair deal of coughing, and some time for thinking.

I made travel arrangements back to Harper’s Ferry on Friday (train ticket was only $13), and staying at a hostel Friday night, at an EconoLodge Saturday (the hostel was fully book on account of the festival), which costs about three times the hostel cost.

It got me to thinking… I haven’t successfully switched my mindset from “steady paycheck coming in” to “don’t go over the budget”. I’ve been cheating a little, using the credit card instead of the trip-specific debit card. If I can’t get that under control, I’ll have to resort to harsher methods, like physical separation from the credit card… The problem is that I have the bloody number and other data memorized. Ah, well, I will work on that this week.

I might also make a dental visit, getting a few pain twinges, and I should get it checked out while the insurance is still good, to the end of the month. Maybe this extra week was a blessing in disguise, but grrrr! I was supposed to be hiking today!

If I had even half my nephews’ energy…


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