Trail Notes – April 18

I guess updating has become a habit.

Today was very hard, in a way different than yesterday. It was not as steep, but rocks, rocks, rocks. I very sorely missed my hiking poles. I really needed them for this section. I meant to reach a campground 10 miles from my starting point, where hot showers and pizza could be obtained, but I just ran out of juice 8.5 miles in, and pitched a tent near Rocky Run Shelter on the AT, where I settled for a sponge bath in the privacy of my tent, and a Knorr’s pasta side for dinner. I am a total of roughly 15.6 miles from the point I started at.

I won’t deny that today was extremely discouraging. Never fear, I am not quitting, but it was hot, tiring, and the rocks just would not stop. Plus, I felt so grubby – alleviated somewhat with wet wipes and a change into clean clothes. But I signed up for this, all of it, so I will continue on, and it will get better. Bonus – No leg cramps today at all! It might have something to do with the consumption of at least 128 oz of water during the day. And I am still thirsty!

Ah, well,tomorrow is another day. 7.5 miles planned. I am getting it done.

It’s dark. Hiker midnight. Ziptie out…

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4 thoughts on “Trail Notes – April 18

  1. Marc

    We are so proud of you


  2. Neva Pruess

    Betsy you MUST have treking poles. I just ordered a pair from Amazon to be sent to you at the Blue Ridge Summit P.O. I have Amazon prime with two day delivery so they say they will be there by Thursday. If you can’t use them or have acquired a pair by then give them to somebody who needs them, or return them to Amazon (they have free return shipping)


    • Neva, that is above and beyond kindness!!!! Thank you so much! Can I pay you back? Or at least take you out to dinner or something when I return?


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