Trail Notes – April 19

A very late start this AM, but what of it? It is so pleasant to sit at the picnic table, enjoy a cup of coffee and a Mountain Home dehydrated breakfast someone left, just relax. A shorter day today – only 6.5 miles, unless I push it to 10. My feet are still tingling from a special footpath I gave them this morning. Life is good. Live it!

Today was the easiest day yet, in terms of terrain! The rocks let up, some grass, some pine forest, some dirt road. I learned some Civil War history I didn’t know, I passed by the original Washington Monument near Boonsboro, I took many fine pictures. 7.5 miles today, 8.2 tomorrow.

Oh, and the overpass over I-70 scared the living daylights out of me. Bridges over water are bad enough, but knowing that if the bridge went, a truck going 70 mph would smoosh you in an instant… High bridges are a phobia of mine. I trek on.

I will have hiking poles waiting for me on Friday! I am so excited! Thanks again, Neva!

Battery is down to 40%. Trying to conserve it until Friday by keeping it turned off except for short periods… So expect another report tomorrow.


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One thought on “Trail Notes – April 19

  1. Neva Pruess

    Amazon shipped already and they say package is on time arriving Thursday.


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