April 27 addendum

Hiker hunger has definitely kicked in at this point. I had salad and a good-sized individual supreme pizza for dinner, plus an orange… that was about two and a half hours ago, and I’m hungry again! I might snag a cookie. I hear a cookie calling me. They have cookies. Good cookies. Really good cookies.

I wish I hadn’t checked the weather forecast. It’s supposed to rain in this area for a solid week… but only tomorrow and Friday is it supposed to be really cold. At least that is something.

I types too much! Forgiveness!

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2 thoughts on “April 27 addendum

  1. Knowschad

    At times like this, it is important to remember that you did not do this because it would be easy. You did it because it would be difficult at times. It would challenge you. It would show you how tough you can be when push comes to shove. You seem to be handling the challenging times admirably so my words are probably irrelevant but perhaps at some more difficult time they will serve as a helpful reminder.

    Proceed on.

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    • Thank you, knowschad! I talk to myself so much I have stopped listening to myself, so outside reinforcement and encouragement always helps!


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