Trail Notes – April 27

In a word… Brrr! A cold and damp 9.7 mile hike. It misted rain at me most of the morning – my pack was better protected than I was. I was wearing rain gear that got wet quickly anyway, and I waited way too long to put on my fleece middle layer.  When I arrived at a shelter four miles from destination, I broke pattern, pulled out the stove, and cooked a hot meal. The noodle dish was nothing to write home about, but I drank the cheesy sauce right out of the pot, still hot, and THAT was delicious. And warming. Truth to tell, still, despite a hot shower at the hostel when I arrived, I am still chilled to the core, and have bundled up with double layers of clothing. Tonight I will burrow under blankets.

Tomorrow is not supposed to be much better, or the next couple days, actually. The temp on Friday night is supposed to be 39… and still damp and rainy. I’ll be more careful to bundle up extra and early tomorrow and Friday… Saturday should see me in Boiling Springs for maildrop pickup and then a zero day in nearby Carlisle. I don’t like spending so much money on motels and hostels, but I’d like even less getting hypothermia or the equivalent. Boiling Springs has an outfitter, too. Perhaps I will pick up warmer gear there. I didn’t expect this cold a temp this late in April, but what can you do?

Nonetheless… I hike on.

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