Trail Notes – April 26

I couldn’t post last night – No reception!

So, let’s see. I was up at 6 am – I’d spotted a box of pancake mix in the hikers’ cupboard at the hostel, so I decided to make pancakes for everyone, including fellow hiker BearSnack. It was only a boxed mix, and some improvising was required, but everyone seemed to enjoy them.

I was packed and on my way by 8:45 (late start).  The forecast was for possible rain, and clouds kept massing and drifting away again, so it was a constant game of “on the pack cover, off the pack cover”. It does keep everything from getting soaked, but when it is on, you can’t get at anything inside the pack.

I made good time, at first anyway, but stopped for an undesignated snake crossing – the biggest blacksnake I have ever seen, casually crossing the path. Right then, I heard a funny rattle from the side. Could have been leaves rustling, but given that this part of PA does have timber rattles, I didn’t get closer to investigate. Made tracks out of there!

Around the 7.7 mile mark, I was losing steam, and the feet were really complaining. There was a locked ranger cabin at that point – I lay down on the bench outside for 30 minutes to rest, and watched the trees overhead dancing in the wind. So peaceful. After resting, I was much more capable of doing the remaining 2.4 miles to the shelter.

What also helped mentally and physically was the outdoor cathedral-forest of tall pines and oaks after a short climb. A hushed feeling, towering trees, soft carpet of needles underfoot, shaded and serene. If the whole trail was like that…

I caught up with hiker Morning Song at the shelter last night, hadn’t seen him in a few days. There were only three of us at the shelter, and one poor guy tenting – around about sunset, it downpours. Hard. It was nice to be under a roof! This shelter was unusual, for having bunks built into the walls, instead of everyone on the floor.

And there were mice. I never saw the, but Morning Song left his toilet paper out, and they had a great time shredding it!

I’ll do the entry for today later. Still a couple miles to go.

I hike on.

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2 thoughts on “Trail Notes – April 26

  1. I made pancakes for Dad and I. Dad politely decided he’d ‘save the rest for tomorrow’ but was happy when i let him off the hook on having to eat any more. Hope yours turned out better!


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