Trail Notes – May 5

Happy Sinko de Mayo! Sink the mayonnaise!

Ziptie is sad to report an involuntary separation from her pack cover, and hopes it is only temporary! It was such a great day for hiking, with so many great views, I loosened the cover to get at the camera, and forgot to retighten it. Somewhere along all the rock scrambling – and there was a lot of fun rock scrambling – it fell off. I hope someone finds it.

Otherwise a great day. There are four others here, including Morning Song and they are gathering wood, so it looks like a campfire tonight, if it doesn’t rain. It may rain. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, hence my worry over the pack cover. I just don’t want my sleeping bag to get wet! I have a backup though – a plastic bag. It will do in a pinch.

I now have a new doodad thanks to my sister that will give one recharge to my phone battery along the trail. I will still try to conserve battery. Also fig bars, but they don’t have batteries.

A bit chilly right now. Typing while lying in my sleeping bag. Today was a fun day. Cloudy, but nothing fell on me. Great views, great hike.

I hike on.

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