Trail Notes – May 6

An early one today!

This is for all those readers living vicariously through me… Before you read any further, please do something for me that will greatly enhance your vicarious experience of the trail.

Go step into the shower, fully clothed, and turn it on full blast, somewhere midway between cold and lukewarm. You may wear rain gear. After you have stood in the shower for five minutes, put some dry clothes on, and come back. ๐Ÿ™‚

Done? Okay, good! You have experienced 5 minutes of my life! Today, it was four hours of hiking in the /pouring/ rain. 6.7 miles. I put a note in the register asking people to help me gather wood for an ark.

The weather is supposed to improve starting tomorrow, and I want to start picking up the mileage somewhat. It’s not about the miles, but I feel like trying to push myseif more.

Staying at a large shelter for tonight – it’s supposed to fit 16. Easily. Probably more. A good thing, too. It is only 2 pm and already filling up. There is a group of Amish section hikers downstairs (yes, two floors). One of the other hikers, Survivor, fell on the trail and has a big bruise on his forehead. The man is prone to that – he almost broke his wrist once already!

And here comes the rain again. The spring to get water from is down 300 steep rock steps. I think I’ll hold off for a bit…

Last night, with the help of a firestarter stick, they got a good campfire going, despite all the wood being damp. It felt so good! Tonight, only a miracle would start a fire now. So wet!!!

18 miles from here to the next shelter, so I will probably end up tent camping somewhere. If the weather cooperates, I’m okay with it… Not sure I am ready for an 18 miles yet.

I hike on.

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2 thoughts on “Trail Notes – May 6

  1. Ginny

    Good morning!!! Ginny from Wisconsin here….I met you at a pub (lunch time) in Harpers Ferry! I’m so enjoying your blog!! You go girl!!! Hmmmm, my husband and I are thinking we would like to do a small portion. You take care and I will to continue to follow!!!


    • Sorry I didn’t reply earlier – cell phone reception was awful! Glad you are enjoying the blog. ๐Ÿ™‚


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