Trail Notes – May 11

Sleepy sleepy. Sleepy. 10 miles today, staying at the Rock and Sole hostel. A great place… Even a home cooked meal! I haven’t had that since I left.

Pennsylvania stubbornly continues to be rocky. And it will get even rockier before it is done with me. And vice versa. Today was easier than yesterday, on the foot pain scale. Tomorrow I will mix things up, just for variety. Instead of hiking north from PA 183 where I got off the trail to Port Clinton, I will start at Port Clinton and hike south. Slackpacking; hiking without a backpack. The hostel owner will pick me up again at PA 183, and I will return to the hostel, where I will reunite with the backpack. The hike will be 15 miles, all told, with a steep hike at the beginning, then leveling off. But still rocky. Friday will be a zero day, and rainy. Saturday will also be rainy, but not a zero day. I’m thinking of taking the tour of the Yuengling brewery on Friday – it is very close by. And if possible, seeing the new Captain America movie. 

So I went to the Port Clinton post office and I had SIX BOXES! I am so overwhelmed and blown away by the kindness and generosity of my readers – thank you all so much! I am in chocolate nirvana, and I may never come back down! I will keep on trekking and keep on blogging!

I hike on.

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