Trail Notes – May 12

15 miles in 9 hours today, which included some rest time. Some general observations:

  • Ow.
  • Pennsylvania trail maintainers have a different definition of how long a mile is. I think theirs is twice as long as a standard mile.
  • I suspect that Pennsylvania trail maintainers were quite drunk on Yuengling beer when they plotted the trail through the more forested sections. It twists, turns, meanders aimlessly, and is guaranteed to drive a hiker nuts.
  • Ow.
  • Going south instead of north means you get to surprise a lot of people behind you who are hiking north. Startled cries of “Ziptie! You’re going the wrong way!” rang through the forest several times.
  • I enjoyed a hot outdoor shower. Quite a unique experience. And much needed! Let’s face it. I stank.

A true zero tomorrow. I pause.


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