Trail Notes – May 21

Well, it looks like desire for a real bed and an understandable desire to both stay out of the rain and not cart around a wet tent.. may have overcome better instincts. This Travel Inn in Wind Gap – let’s just say that my room definitely registers on the funky smell scale, the walls are quite thin, and I will sleep in my sleeping bag on top of the bed instead of in it. Just to be safe. At least the door locks look sturdy. I was really craving a real bed, not a cot, shelter bunk, tent, or garage floor. Be careful what you wish for!

Today’s hike was 8.1 miles; tomorrow will be 9.1, to the next shelter, and then a short 6.4 mile hop into Delaware Water Gap on Monday; planning a very early start on Monday to get there ASAP! I’m told I have a special surprise there! I may or may not take a zero there, since I took one so recently at Palmerton. We’ll see. Or maybe I will start at the crack of dawn tomorrow, and do a 15 miler, in my eagerness. Ve shall see. Morning Song and Survivor will reach DWG tomorrow, and I’d kinda like to catch up. Besides, I’m running low on food.

Today’s trail was typical Pennsylvania rocky trail. Mercifully, no boulderfields or difficult sections. A trail angel left a box with various boxed foods in it at the point where the trail crosses PA 33, but by the time I got there, all the fudge brownie boxes were empty *sniffle*. Speaking of that road crossing, it was a busy one, and scary. Curves at both sides hid oncoming traffic, it was “wait, listen, run for it, and PRAY!” I almost got hit anyway! Fortunately, I will not have to face that tomorrow.

My ever so healthy McDonald’s meal has assuaged my hunger. Not even close to half as good as the turkey Reuben and mozzarella salad I devoured last night, but about 1/3 the cost. So. I’m just glad there is a taxi service for this area, about half the price shuttles charge. I could have walked here. I really didn’t want to!

I suppose I need to figure out where the next maildrop will be after DWG. I can’t do that until I get there though… I only am carrying maps for up to that point. Also, I need to renew my driver’s license, so I can get it sent to me before the current one expires.

Still loving the new insoles! I spent about thirty minutes lying on my back on a long rock though, resting my feet and just musing in an upward direction. That kind of break is very helpful when hiking.

Okay, here is some advice if you are ever out on the trail, and feeling lonely; careful experimentation has produced the following results:

  • Lying on a rock, resting – total elapsed time for other hikers to come by: 20 minutes
  • Having some #1 business to do in the woods – total elapsed time for other hikers to come by: 5 minutes
  • Having some #2 business to do in the woods – total elapsed time for other hikers to come by: 2 minutes. Never fails. Better hurry… or crouch lower still and pray.

Ziptie is starting to Zoneout.

I hike on.

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