Trail Notes – May 22

37.1 miles in 3 days. 13.6, 8.1, 15.5. My feet are definitely feeling it, but it was definitely worth it. Tomorrow I will take a zero day in Delaware Water Gap, and go into nearby Stroudsburg – resupply, and catch the Captain America film.

The bridge into New Jersey is a mere .2 miles away. It was a brutal hike today, but well worth it. Even though Pennsylvania tried to kill me again – it rained enough to make the moss covered rocks slippery, just before the trail led me onto, you guessed it, a dangerously sloped, moss-covered formation of rocks called the Wolf Rocks. My boots had zero traction, I’m very lucky I only fell twice, and no damage done. It could have easily been a lot worse.

It took forever to get off the final mountain, the path would just not go down! My hiking partner was already in DWG – HE only had to hike 6.4 today, I had to do the full 15.5! A group of us walked (hobbled, in my case) over to a restaurant. I was craving protein, as usual. First rate hamburger and honest to God Sam Adams summer ale, which is not easy to find in Yuengling territory.

I also weighed myself on the scale. I’m down at least 11 pounds, probably more. That, I like. Tonight is quiet time hanging out in the lounge-type room at the hostel, while those who are leaving tomorrow have already turned in. I can’t blame them, and will join them soon – I was up at 5:15 am, breakfasted by 6:15, and on the trail at 7 on the dot. It was an 11 hour day of hiking. Now I will resy, because I think I earned it. Adios Pennsylvania hiking, I cannot say I will miss you!

I pause.

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One thought on “Trail Notes – May 22

  1. Mrs Joy

    11 pounds already! You better start eating more in town.. and at other times.


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