Trail Notes – May 23

Today’s intense and incredibly dangerous hiking took me from a post office to a laundry room to a bakery to a movie theater to a supermarket. Cake featured heavily and very tastily. The last day in Pennsylvania was a very good one! And not just for me, as a large number of hikers have shown up, and as my brother Tom ensured, they all ate cake! The movie theater was part of an indoor mall, and so a raid on Auntie Anne’s for a pretzel dog was accomplished, and later, some food court Chinese.

The hostel I am staying at is a wonderful one run by the Presbyterian Church in Delaware Water Gap. They only ask a donation of $3 a night, which is quite amazing! I slipped more that that into the donation box, the services they render us are worth at least ten times that amount! There are two main rooms – the inner bunkroom, with wooden bunk beds covered with carpeting, and the outer lounge area with couches to sit on, outlets for phone charging, a table and bulletin board with useful information, and a table that is currently holding this big white cake box…

And there is a flush toilet and running water. After five weeks on the trail, you learn not to take those wonderful inventions for granted.

Tomorrow I set back out, with Morning Song prepped to physically push me over the bridge over the river, if necessary. 10 miles tomorrow, to the Mohican Outdoor Center in NJ. My feet were very grateful for the respite today, but time to move on. I have it on good information those 10 miles may be rocky, but not to PA standards, and after that, the trail surfaces are much easier on the feet. Until the Whites in NH anyway… Long way off.

It is getting pretty late here. I don’t think I’ll need Advil tonight.

I hike on.

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