Trail Notes – June 8 – Part 2

After an hour of curling up in my sleeping bag, half a large pizza, soda, and some very warming hot chocolate, I feel more coherent now.

This shelter is suddenly a happening place, and it became a social evening… All six bunks are filled, and there are five tents outside. Another pizza order just arrived for some later comers. There are 12-15 people here now, and I had fun chatting with previous thru-hiker Nova, and two southbound hikers who just started in CT, Copy and Write. I was able to pass on some info about trail highlights they might enjoy, so I feel very guru-ish tonight!

Things are beginning to settle down now, as the sun is dropping down, and so are tired hikers. MS is already asleep. Tomorrow is a new day! One without hypothermia, I hope.

Ah, another pizza order is being phoned in. We are a hungry lot… And thirsty, I think I will finish off the diet Pepsi before crashing.

Cheerio! I hike on!

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