Trail Notes – June 8

Today was a perfect example of “be careful what you wish for”.

Me, at mile 4 of 10, “God, I am very low on energy, please help me.”

God, at mile 5 of 10 (on an exposed hilltop) –> epic rainstorm deluge that lasted half an hour.

Seldom has five miles been covered so quickly. First to just get there, and second to avoid hypothermia. Oh, yes, everything is soaked… But plenty of energy, no doubt! Gee, thanks, Lord! I am curled up in my sleeping bag now, trying to get warm.

Last night we had a visitor with loud breathing. It scared the living daylights out of me, to wake up and hear something snuffling/breathing outside the tent right by my head! Whatever it was knocked my water bottles over, then went on to snatch and eat the lifesavers and Rolaids out of Morning Song’s pack. Could have been a bear, or a sasquatch. Whatever it was, it did not get the good stuff, we bearbagged our food last night before turning in.

We are at RPH Shelter tonight, where we are taking full advantage of the fact that pizza can be delivered here. Extra mushrooms and green peppers, oh yeah! There are three Georgia hikers here as well, talking food, my stomach is rumbling. Tomorrow, we’ll do a 9-miler to the next shelter, which puts us in position for a nearo in Pawling in three days, to pick up mail and resupply. My very wrinkled toes will probably thank me.

I need food. I don’t know why I lost energy today, but the trail wasn’t that difficult, so I need to figure it out.

Short entry tonight. I am just tired from the five mile sprint to the shelter.

I hike on. With wet boots.

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