Trail Notes – June 16

Okay, I may have spent too much money staying multiple nights at the Bearded Woods Hostel, but I cannot regret. They have the operation down to a science, up to and including multiple daypacks for slackpacking.

And I slackpacked. 14 miles today, from CT 4 to Falls Village, CT. Of course, I was still passed by all the young, eager Georgia hikers with full packs, but oh well. It’s good to stomp the ego down now and again. The trail was pretty easy, terrain wise; some rock, a lot of wonderfully thick pine-needle-cushioned ground, dirt and stone. Some ups and downs, but nothing major.

Tomorrow early morning breakfast, then while I finish the endeavor of getting everything into the new pack, various hikers get shuttled to various trailheads. I will be the last to leave, because I have to wait for the post office to open in Fall River, so I can get my new sleeping bag. I may have to wait for it to come in, in which case I may have to take a nearo, but I would really rather not! Tracking has it in East Boston, MA.

Assuming I don’t have to wait for it to arrive, I plan to do a 10 mile day tomorrow. That would put me on track to cross the CT/MA border on Saturday, and start climbing some higher mountains, before it gets too hot. I hope. Today was pretty hot, but some clouds rolled in and cooled everything down, mercifully. I don’t handle excessive heat well, I will need to be careful.

Short entry tonight; I am tired, tomorrow will be a busy day.

I hike on.

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