Satisfy my curiosity!

Who all is reading? 🙂

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35 thoughts on “Satisfy my curiosity!

  1. Hollman



  2. Juli B

    Juli B from CathTParty on FB. I have to say it’s been a pleasure reading your posts and hiking vicariously through you! I don’t think it’s something I would want to do. The IDEA sounds awesome to do, but your details of the reality of it has dampened my enthusiasm. It’s so wonderful to be able to learn from others’ experiences.

    Nonetheless, I greatly admire you and your efforts. It’s a fascinating read, and I feel like I’m partaking just a bit in your adventure.


    • I never intended to crush anyone else’s desire to do the same thing! Yes, it is hard, but infinitely worth it, IMHO! Don’t let me discourage you!


  3. Hammer

    Charlie “The Hammer” Jones


  4. I enjoy reading your fb post and blog. You’re doing great, “Ziptie”…keep up the good work!


  5. gorn11

    I keep you in my daily prayers–for safety, for the journey, and for all that this pilgrimage of sorts holds! I look forward to your daily updates!


  6. Cindy Jelinek

    I look forward to your post everyday. You are such a brave woment to take on AP trail. Keep up the the good work.


  7. Tracy Utter

    Tracy here from TnT_Utter geocachers in Omaha area. Love reading your daily entries. I would never think to do something like this, and you are a great writer!


  8. Car54

    Car54 from – love your outlook and writing style!


  9. Roy Nakai

    Roy Nakai. Keep on trekking


  10. Alice Read

    I enjoy reading your logs. I can hike from the computer.


  11. Becky Lebsack

    Monty12 here. Love reading your entries. Keep on hiking!!


  12. Rebecca

    This is your sister-in-law. Know first of all that I have never aspired to hike the Appalachian Trail so you haven’t ruined anything for me. But after reading of your hardships, I know that *not* attempting this is definitely the right fit for me! In addition I have been surprised at how expensive an AT thru hike ends up being. I had never thought through the expense other than that first basic set of equipment. But of course boots wear out and “stuff happens” and food and drink must be purchased and it is not the cheap adventure that I envisioned it being.

    On the other hand, your brother John has thought about hiking the AT for years. Every night I read your latest blog entry, which is emailed to me, to him – and he has enthusiastically decided that he definitely WILL do a thru hike. It may be 10 years from now, but now he really really wants to after virtually following you on the Trail. We both enjoy your account of each day very very much and are sad when you don’t have the internet connection to submit a blog entry.

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  13. Craig Hipsher (vanillahip) omaha geocacher. Brother of the late MrClean_. I love reading your updates! I read on….


  14. Craig Hipsher here. Geocacher from Omaha. Brother of the late MrClean_ (Marc Hipsher) who you may have met once or twice a few years ago. He made me come with him to a few of your “rock” hides to make the final finds. Loving your blog! I am inspired to try this crazy thing too one day, although at 47 I ain’t getting any younger! I read on….


  15. Tara (Mama BTCO.) Started reading about a month or so before you begin the actual hike, of course I started from the beginning and caught up to your current posts. I have been enjoying reading of your journey!


  16. David & Heidi Therrien

    Dave & Heidi T., (DTHT)
    We’re rooting for you!


  17. Bryan

    Bryan…aka Papa BTCO. Of course Im reading it!


  18. Huntnhawg

    Huntnhawg & Rebel Chick


  19. Marilyn Rowan

    You are doing great! We look forward to reading each day’s entry! Enjoy each faze of the journey and don’t put too high of expectations on yourself. Marilyn and Darrell Rowan


  20. Mary

    This is Mary weighing in…once upon a time I wanted to hike the trail (when I was much younger , before I realized roughing it for me means hotel without wifi) so I am traveling vicariously thru you…hike on


  21. Mary Sanderson

    You are a fantastic writer and I enjoy your posts. You are also very brave!


  22. Harry Dolphin

    Harry Dolphin is following your adventures. Over a period of ten years, I section hiked half the AT. You’re doing great! Don’t forget the webcam cache on Mount Washington.


  23. Neva Pruess

    I’ve read every one since 1/1/16 Go Betsy Go


  24. Geocacher jenny08_1015


  25. Ginny Yuska

    You’re doing great!!! I look forward to your posts every night!!
    Terrific writer too!


  26. Ginny Yuska

    I read your posts every night! You are so brave! A terrific writer too!


  27. Brent H.

    I found out about your trip from the travel bug race page. I go by Boo1979 in the geocaching game out of Omaha. I can say that it is a highlight to read your posts on here!! Keep hiking on your doing great!!!


  28. Living the dream through your excellent blogs. Keep up the good work and hike on.


  29. Harry Dolphin

    Harry Dolphin is following your adventures.


  30. Dulce-Joy



  31. Mrs Joy

    Amy “Mrs Joy” Forinash. Reliving past hikes through your entries.

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  32. Kathy Bienhoff

    I love your spirit!


  33. Knowschad

    Knowschad is following you, although I do tend to get behind. Spending part of today getting caught up.


  34. I have fallen behind reading your posts, but I am catching up!

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