Trail Notes – June 21

Since everyone else is asleep, no one but me seems to be using the 3G network, so I will try to post…

Today was an eclectic mixture of town day and hiking. Awake at 5 am as usual, but I let myself fall back asleep until 7, then got up and packed. I managed to catch a ride into Great Barrington – there was something I needed to do at the library, but it wouldn’t open until 10, so I did laundry first and had the most amazing breakfast – bacon, sourdough toast, eggs, and SALAD. Sooo good.

I was back on the trail by 12:30 (personal note, taxis around here engage in highway robbery!) A very kind woman had offered me a ride back to the trailhead when I was at the laundromat, but I couldn’t take her up on it.

I covered 9 miles today – 12:30 – 6:30. Temps were about 15 degrees cooler because of the storm, and water sources were better; the bugs were worse. Ugh. Gnasty gnats in your eyes. Mosquitoes. Flies that divebomb your ears. Not really too much to write about about the walk itself; pretty standard terrain. There were about 10 counselors in training from a summer camp out on the trail today, I’d run into some of them yesterday too.

Tomorrow will be another short day, relatively speaking; just ten miles. I am running a bit low on food; lower than I thought, or I would have resupplied today, but I have enough to make it to Dalton on Thursday, where I can pick some up; the trail runs right through town.

Currently at a campground near Tyringham, MA. I had to welcome myself home. The bugs were swarming, so I ate a very quick, somewhat skimpy meal, and retreated to the tent. I hope no bears come wandering by my tent tonight. I’m pretty hungry, but all my food is bearboxed now, and I don’t feel like providing more mosquitoes a free dinner. I will have a double Clif bar breakfast though.

Ah well.

I hike on!

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