Trail Notes – June 22

I feel bad. I creamed MittenMan and Socko at Scrabble. In penance, I am typing this entry at the top of a metal outside staircase while mosquitos swarm. It is also the only place I have reception… But I will have to keep it short and expound tomorrow, I hope. I am sorry.

Highlights from today: another 10 miles under my belt, a chance to soak my feet in a cool pond, a good lot of hikers here tonight, a beautiful view looking east over water  (can’t wait for sunrise!), an inside bunk with a mattress, a cabin instead of a shelter, and pancakes in the morning! It was worth the extra half mile walk down here!

Tomorrow will be another 17 miler, but over a loooong flat stretch, with a visit to the “Cookie Lady” at the 11 mile mark! More on that tomorrow as well; I have donated enough blood.

I hike on!

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