Intermission – July 11

Driving in Vermont can be quite hazardous to your wallet, particularly when the road runs through Waterbury Center… The town has the Ben & Jerry’s factory, Cabot Cheese annex store, the Cold Hollow Cider Mill, a Lake Champlain Chocolate store, a winery, and a distillery. Probably more that I missed. Money kept escaping from my wallet, despite everything I could do.

Finally, I made it up to my sister’s convent, near the Canadian border – they have a nice guesthouse for visitors, with separate rooms. Privacy is a nice perk for a hiker! They kindly offered to do my laundry when they first heard I was coming, which is very much appreciated after yesterday’s drowno! I am currently creaming the Meg at Scrabble; halfway through a game that will be continued tomorrow.

Tomorrow I will also get some unofficial hiking in – not the AT, but perhaps Long Trail. Or just hiking around their property, they have about 320 acres plus there are public lands, too. But I am restless, and I think my feet are finally starting to recover. I know, I know, I’m talking about my feet too much again. I was originally thinking of staying until Thursday, but I think I will head back on Wednesday instead. I really do want to get back on trail.

Oh, and I’m hungry.

I intermission.

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